Welcome to ManuMediSoft

MANUMEDISOFT strives to be the premier IT consulting and business services firm. Our success is directly attributable to the energy of our people and their unending focus on maximizing Quality, Speed, Cost & Reliability received by our customers.

MANUMEDISOFT has fully integrated array of IT staffing, application management outsourcing, and industry-focused IT solutions is backed by a time-tested suite of formal methodologies, a proprietary database of best practices, and a wide range of strategic alliances and partnerships. Our international Alliance Partners network of offices in North America, Asia, and Europe is staffed by thousands of business and IT experts committed to helping our clients use IT to achieve their business objectives.


World Class Consulting & Training

MMS has an enviable reputation, for providing the best Consulting and software training available. MMS offers two educational approaches.The traditional approach uses the core, most knowledgeable company employees to, in turn, train other company personnel, employing a “train the trainer” model. MMS has developed an alternative methodology whereby the subject matter is combined with the company’s business processes to create an interactive, role-based training.